Medical transport of sick or wounded by ground or air, within Cameroon or abroad, does not admit approximation or improvisation in the organisation, no more economy in the choice of means used, nor of unproven skills.

Cameroun Assistance Sanitaire is a pioneer in this field in Cameroon since 1987 and applies the most demanding professional rules of this profession:

  • Use new equipment and materials (no recycling of ambulances or second-hand equipment from elsewhere)
  • Employ competent and trained staff (Cameroun Assistance Sanitaire is approved as a Vocational Training Centre by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training)
  • Operate in accordance with written procedures, approved for operation, maintenance and hygien that comply with Quality and Safety requirements

Cameroun Assistance Sanitaire’ organization permits to launch 24/24 immediate ambulance transport from Douala, Yaoundé, Kribi or Limbe and very quickly an air ambulance transport within Cameroon or to any destination in the world.