24/7 access Platform to healthcare

H24  Service for immediate answer to any medical care demand . this solution allows

  1. Health budget optimization
  2. Simultaneous response to the expectations of:
  • The employees or insured persons: delivery of 24-hour healthcare voucher
  • The Employer or Insurer : visibility of expenses incurred, cost control
  • Medical provider: immediate guarantee of payment
  • Simple: direct access by phone or mobile application
  • Permanent and reactive: 24/7 response
  • Confidential: protection of personal data warranty of medical secret
  • Trace: recordings at each level (even telephone calls)
  • Responsible: to all stakeholders (employee, employer, medical providers)
  • Readable: appropriate reportings

PASS24 & PASS24 Mobile Devices


  • 24/7 operational support centre (telephone & electronic watch)
  • Network of approved medical providers (doctors, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.)
  • 24-hour medical regulation
  • Assistance Managers Team on duty 24/24
  • Digital solution (easy, fast, simple and secure)

Services provided

  • Access to the H24/7 Assistance Centrale by
    • Telephone (PASS24) and when emergency or
    • Application (PASS24 MOBILE) via smartphone or PC
  • Immediate delivery of healthcare voucher
  • Independent medical follow-up when hospitalization
  • Cost control  and payment of invoices