It all began in 1986 in Kribiduring an occasional participation in a medical evacuation of a wounded to Paris. For the french medical team arriving in Douala for this operation there was a problem, how to transport the victim from Kribi to Douala, regarding the journey on an unpaved roadcovering  a local air ambulance was improvised.

On arrival, another difficulty there due to the lack  of ground ambulance between  landing runway and the hospital (12km), another solution had to be found. The same failure to return to the tarmac in Douala has sparked the idea of an ambulance company to provide the first and/or last kilometres of a medical evacuation. In the summer of 1987, a visit to two assistance companies in Paris and an internship with the Montauban fire brigade encouraged the creation of Cameroon Assistance Sanitaire on 25 September of the same year.

more than 30 years later, the first slogan ”we are here when we it is needed!” remains relevant. It reflects the desire for availability and efficiency, being alert, close by, understanding the need of a person in difficulty and providing the professional solution best suited to the circumstances.


The history of our company, summarized in this way, says nothing about the reality of the exhilarating human adventure, marked by continuous efforts to find professional response adapted to the realities on the field, to motivate women and men of good will, to train them in a new profession in order to meet the requirements of assistance, with 4 cardinal rules: SECURITY, QUALITY, COMFORT and RIGHT COST of the services provided.