It all began in 1986, when I volunteered to help evacuate an injured person from Kribi to Douala, and then on board an air ambulance to Paris.
The treasure trove of ingenuity and resourcefulness deployed that day with all the people present, professionals and volunteers, ignited a spark in me that became a project, then a local assistance company set up in 1987, and today the nucleus of twin companies.

We’ve come a long way from that amateur experience to the demanding professionalism demonstrated by the men and women in our teams in Douala  Yaoundé, Kribi, Libreville, Conakry, and many

other lesser-known regions, who have joined the Adventure over the years to participate in the creation of a profession, Assistance, which was still in its infancy in Europe and the rest of the world, and non-existent in Cameroon at the time.

So many upheavals and changes have taken place on the planet: the means of communication and telecommunication, the digitisation and digitalisation of data, the democratisation of means of transport, particularly air transport, progress in all areas, particularly in the medical field, have all revolutionised our lifestyles, raising the level of demands for safety and comfort.

Today, hundreds of millions of people, more and more every year, travel all over the world and further and further away. Far from home, they are likely to be confronted with the hazards of life (illness, accident, theft, aggression, annoyances and various unforeseen events), and so they discover the reality of the risks incurred and of local care, which is sometimes totally different from that in their country of origin. They then ask for help and assistance.
This is how assistance as a profession took off, helping occasional or professional travellers, expatriate workers and, increasingly, nationals who find themselves in difficulty.

Since its creation, Cameroun Assistance Sanitaire has experienced all these developments and adapted to them to provide its customers in difficulty with practical solutions tailored to the circumstances.
From the start, we have been confronted with the realities of the field, very often being among the first and main responders to extraordinary events (air, rail and industrial accidents) and thousands of serious individual situations, which require a methodical professional approach.

Throughout a third of a century, we have learnt a great deal and understood the importance of being as close as possible to our customers so that we can respond to the many local requests with the same level of requirements and responsibilities.
Our business, local assistance, far from being in competition with worldwide assistance, is, on the contrary, complementary to it and often indispensable.
A new paradigm for this business, which is barely 60 years old, is needed for the years to come.
Based on this conviction, we are starting to roll out our concept in Guinea Conakry, Gabon, Congo and Benin, and are open to supporting new initiatives in other areas.


President and Founder