Are you interested in joining us?

Our recruitment policy is based on ethics, equal opportunities and multicultural integration.

Are you interested in joining us?

Apply to join our team of collaborators

Join our network of approved service providers or correspondents

Join our team of collaborators

Our recruitment policy is based on ethics, equal opportunity and multicultural integration.

Working with us means joining a dynamic and supportive team, committed to carrying out every assignment in compliance with the rules and regulations.

Join our provider network

Our profession is very demanding, as are our customers, and we can be no less so.

If you place this value at the forefront of your professional concerns, if you subscribe to a vision of long-term partnership, and if you attach importance to the quality of a job well done and the responsible exercise of your activity, then you’re one of us.

Today, we are honored by partnerships (with customers and service providers) that have been in place for over 30 years, and we appreciate the value of loyalty and respect for commitments.

Our future partnership will be based on a clear, transparent contract, respectful of people and mutual interests.
Above all, we are bound by the law, both in our own countries and throughout the world, particularly in the fight against practices based on (or resulting in) corruption, money laundering and terrorism.
Under these conditions, you are welcome!

Conditions to join the Provider network


Letter of request for approval


Tax compliance file


Administrative authorization to open

Bank domiciliation

Certificate of employer registration

Pricing grid

Commercial register

Manager identification

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1. How do I subscribe to your services?

We mainly deal with companies or organizations under 2 types of contract :

  • An annual subscription that clearly defines the scope of services to be provided to beneficiaries and all the conditions: cost, identification of beneficiaries and any other special arrangements. This comfortable, secure formula saves precious time.
  • A unique on-demand service with a company or, exceptionally, a private individual to cover an event or manage an unusual and unforeseen situation that requires prior planning.
2. How do I register a list of beneficiaries?

The subscriber clearly indicates or designates the beneficiaries of the benefits (employees or insured persons and their dependents), and specifies the benefits defined and their limits. Once the contract has been signed, the HR manager digitally communicates the list of beneficiaries, with the option of updating it at any time during the term of the contract.

3. How do beneficiaries access care?

The process is generally simple:

  1. Contact the 24h/24 Assistance Centre (by telephone on 8575 or 699 90 20 20, whatsapp, PASS24® application, email) adapted to the circumstances (Emergencies are best dealt with by telephone)
  2. Identify yourself
  3. Communicate the reason for the assistance request
  4. Answering questions from the Assistance Manager

As soon as the essential information has been gathered, assistance is launched in accordance with the terms of the contract.

4. Are CAS services open to individuals?

They are available to private individuals within a framework that defines all the conditions and responsibilities associated with the service requested.

5. What are the advantages of a subscription?
  • Rapid intervention: identification of the beneficiary, application of the contract, implementation of external services at CAS
  • Greater safety for beneficiaries in the event of need, by setting up a professional circuit
  • Peace of mind for business owners by outsourcing to professionals
6. What is the method of payment and invoicing?
  • The subscription is paid on the day the contract is signed.
  • As this is not an insurance contract, coverage of costs incurred in the event of an intervention is clearly defined in the contract.
  • transparency and traceability are the rule: CAS issues a clear invoice for every sum collected
  • In the case of major or complex work, an estimate is submitted to the customer for acceptance.
7. What are the payment terms?
  • Bank transfer or cheque; cash payment is exceptional.
8. Who are the CAS medical partners?

A network of over 1,600 approved service providers in Cameroon and Health Assistance partners in several countries in Africa, Europe and Asia.

These relationships are embodied in a document (contract, purchase order, etc.).

9. How can I contact customer service if I need help?

CAS is at your service 24 hours a day on 85 75 or 699 90 20 20.

If you have any questions:

  • Administrative offices
  • Quality of service


10. Can I add or remove subscribers during the year?

Yes, a subscriber can digitally modify the list of beneficiaries to limit errors to a specific address.

Changes take effect within 24 hours.

11. How do you ensure the confidentiality of medical data?

The Medical Director is the guarantor of medical confidentiality.

The company has taken steps to ensure, as far as possible, the preservation of personal data and the confidentiality of operations.